Miley Cyrus Celebrity Hairstyles through the years

As this Hannah Montana actress has her strong roots in showbiz and as prominent teen artist, her image and style has gone through tremendous transformation over the years. From a decent Disney Channel actress and singer, to the controversial Miley of today, the same may be said of her hairstyle changes too.

Let’s take a good look at how Miley Cyrus has changed her hairstyles over the years!

Miley’s Straight Long Hairstyle

This is one of Miley’s sweetest formal hairstyles, with razor-cut layers along the lower edges of her tresses. This haircut complements her round face shape and helps to lengthen her face.

miley cyrus straight long hairstyle

Miley’s Sweet Looking Braided Hairstyle

This was yet another one of Miley’s sweet and decent hairstyles before her transformation. Notice how her long layered hair is loosely braided at the side and teased with the layered strands of her locks falling at her shoulders.

miley cyrus braided hair

Miley Cyrus Wavy Hairstyle

A variation of her long straight locks, Miley takes on a more wavy hairstyle with her tresses. The blond highlights against her brown hair really sets the right tone against her skin color.

miley cyrus sexy wavy hairstyle

Miley Cyrus Short Curly Hairstyle

Miley cuts up her long locks in exchange for this short wavy style. This was probably her last decent hairstyle before here complete transformation to the twerking Miley. Nevertheless, the short waves add volume to the side of her face, projecting an even rounder face shape.

miley cyrus short curly hairstyle

Miley Cyrus’ Short Bob Hairstyle

During a time when Miley was experimenting with various short hairstyles, Miley probably experimented with a Marilyn Monroe or Madonna inspired short blond hairstyle. She does it well by emphasizing her red lips against the light blond hair color.

miley cyrus bob hairstyle

¬†Miley Cyrus’s Short Crop, blonde and black

This is Miley’s current punk crop which is extremely short, two-toned and shaved at the sides. As a celebrity, this hairstyle and look has certainly caught attention and is a definitely a signature of Miley’s.

If you want more of Miley’s short hair check out 7 ways to style short hair, by Miley Cyrus.

miley cyrus short blonde and black hair


Back when she was Hannah Montana.…What a vast difference the years have made. This is Miley’s striaight blonde hair in Hannah Montana.

hannah montana hairstyle

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